Many works require the collection of data
and info in a situation of mobility.

By automating these collecting info processes in mobility with Delaware’s System, companies and entities can make
a better use of their resources, improve productivity and reduce costs. Bringing citizens closer to their administration and helping them to live in better conditions and safer in cleaner and more efficient cities.

Collect up 25% more with the same
amount of formal complaints. City Halls manage thousands citizen infractions
every day owing to several concepts:
Traffic, Parking,

Non-compliance of ordinances, Street incidents. In many cases, they are never
paid, as they get lost in a bureaucratic labyrinth.


Delaware’s system automatizes the fines’ management process facilitating the collecting of info, printing the necessary copies and transmitting in real time all
data to the central computer for their processing.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​






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A sensor placed in the container in such a way that it provides info about the fill-up degree will indicate the location in which waste collection needs are more urgent, providing a better service to citizens and reducing costs at the same time.


Our Analysis, Planning, Quality Control, Maintenance/Upscaling, Operation and Publishing tools allow the optimization of waste treatment of any municipality using our very own tools.



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The underground sections of cities compose a labyrinth of facilities that makes interventions very difficult indeed.

Delaware’s platform allows checking on the Internet the facilities of all the services of the companies located in the underground section of the city, providing comprehensive info: type of service, positioning...

This makes much easier the managing of technical failures, improves security and prevents accidents.

Enhance the efficiency of information in its own media and at the same scale, and will
be accessible from any kind of device, and with augmented reality.


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As of today, when parking a private vehicle
in a public space, clients pay for the time
they stay, depending on the days and hours.

And the service ends there. However, there could be much more.


Delaware’s System includes a payment method by means of mobile devices that

allows its use both in regulated on-street parking and in underground parking lots.
It also includes, other services:


• Remote payment of several vehicles
   at once.


• Have some minutes in return for articles
   bought in associated establishments.


• Promotions of the area’s shops.

   And others...


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To collect municipal taxes in many municipalities, provincial councils keep
an extensive network of tax collecting
offices; this implies a significant
structural expenditure.

Optimizing the resources of councils
by creating an App that allows citizens
to pay their municipal taxes wherever
they are, without having to visit a tax collecting office.



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A solution that offers visitors a mobile application in their language.
The highest quality in content and
technology development. An App that
visitors will fall in love with, and will
be a plus on your visit.


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The collection of data for the cadastre,

the environment, frontier safety, works

tracking, mining, water quality, telecommunication networks and all other services that imply the control and analysis of massive areas is complex, expensive and slow, and its results are not very reliable.


Delaware Satellites Solutions allows governments and companies to improve
their organization, security, infrastructure and industries control and environmental management services, using the integration of satellite images with the aim of complementing and enhancing their
business processes.