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Value Binder ® platform Delaware allows

the development of solutions for:


Prepaid customers who have lost their balance, called "Zero Balance Customers". The 66 % of total worldwide SMS     rejected for lack of balance. These can recover lost revenue through solution package "Collect":


·       International Collect

·       Collect SMS Automatic

·       SMS Data Collection

·       Package Collection

·       Global Packaging


Customers who want to share the service with others, increasing loyalty

and reducing churn, the dropout rate for operators :


·       AnswerMe

·       Gift SMS

·       BundledGift

·       Data Packages


Customers who want to stay connected through messaging, but do not have

a data rate.


·       Unlimited Chat service, a multi-operator social network that allows them to stay connected through messaging even internationally.


·       Unlimited Chat Multioperator


·       Data Roaming 4US: service that allows the user, upon payment of a fee, to use the local data service for a certain period of time.


Customers who wish to receive specific content for specific markets: Soccer, Baseball, Football…



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Delaware enhances telecommunication companies' processes, reducing churn,

to enable them to build and enhance client loyalty, collection and retention.



Our experience enables us to propose increasing revenues and reducing costs:


  • Optimal pricing automatic tool

  • Bill Review  and Billing Rectification Manager automatic tools)

  • Intelligent Acquisition tool

  • Analysing the effects of rates changes
    in the client portfolio


  • Conciliation Platform

  • Least Cost Routing



Delaware takes part in the business development of the major 

telecommunication companies in

the world, participating in business

support (BSS) processes and network operation support (OSS) processes.

The value added services generates additional revenue of $2 million per month

to the Operators who have implemented Delaware’s Value Binder ® Platform.


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Delaware makes the difference

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