Penetration tests are a great way to identify vulnerabilities that exists in a system

or network that has existing security measures in place. It usually involves

the use of attacking methods conducted

by trusted company, similarly used by

hostile intruders or hackers. The results

of these tests or attacks are documented

and presented as report to the owner

of the system and the vulnerabilities identified can then be resolved.



Delaware provides of three types

of test: Black, Grey & White. BLACK BOX PENETRATION TES

Solution that test integrity is maintained

and acknowledgment with legal guarantee

of all notifications and electronic contracts that are sent to customers or suppliers.



Any document associated with notifications (eg. Burofax) passes through a platform

that acts as Certification Body test: it is deposited under Notary custodial at least

five years.



The business model  is pay per use, so

it is not necessary any investment by 

the customer, or amounts of licenses, etc.



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Solution that allows suggesting the best

offer to a customer, from all the offers available in the market, based on his consumption profile. Can be focused

on  acquiring new customers  either

to build client loyalty in an efficient

manner, providing clients the commercial offers most adequate to their consumption habits.

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