Regardless of its location, the mobile device (phones, tables, Ipads…) allows the employee to execute all its tasks, facilitating the job,

as it removes completely the use of printed forms and all types of administrative processes. These integrations allow:

A service integration model to reach

1,700 million people from emerging

markets, that have mobile phones but

not a bank account.


Our Microfinance solutions allow:

microcredit, micro-savings and

micro-insurance to a customer base

of different businesses. The business

model is based on an integrated platform

of financial, banking and welfare,

prioritizing social segments with

smaller capacity and consumption.





Delaware’s eMarket solution will let your company multiply sales exponentially by letting your customers buy through their mobile phones, using diferent supports: screens, vinyls, paper...


A great new sales channel for all kind of products: supermarkets, fast-food, coffee, flowers, etc… that increases brand recognition and gives new opportunities

for promotions, gifts and campaigns.

Allows wireless reading and communication between mobile devices. NFC stickers and terminals are used to make purchases and payments, manage promotions and
discounts through coupons and loyalty cards, using a mobile device.




DELAWARE provide strategies, technologies, creative designs,

campaign designs and production

and communication plans

custom-designed to each

client's needs.


All with the reliability of a solid

company and realist execution

deadlines and budgets.

With Delaware's custom solutions,

it is possible to: Make payments

with the mobile phone; Develop

client loyalty events; Issue cards and tickets; Work with corporate tools,

Use augmented reality and manage Smart Cities

  • Data insertion and verification

  • Stocks and inventories control

  • Accessing the agenda and visits

  • Checking and editing documents

  • Making comparisons and simulations
    for salespersons

  • Managing maintenance services
    and operations 

Delaware's Tick2Go service is a card

holder that may be attached to the mobile phone and that allows users to receive

in the mobile phone the receipt of the purchase made, a cinema ticket or

a boarding pass; afterwards, it allows them

to present those as valid proof of purchase

by showing them in their mobile phone.